Save the Universe / Get Ultra

by Nitro Nova

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/?@r =- BEGIN TRANSM#SSION~ xx@#/====
The limits of the dimension of time is at risk of becoming compressed to a breaking point by the Multiverse Foundation, a secretive and powerful megacorporation bent on exploiting the dominion of parallel universes for profit, when their most recent business venture is thwarted by a misguided and ill-informed vigilante, bent on destroying the corporation and finding their lost employee, a relative, in a cataclysmic self-genocide across the parallel universes that spatially threatens the existence of everything and everyone in all timelines. You, the Star Citizen Defense Pilot, are tasked with the dangerous and uncharted mission of transcending the cosmos and spacetime to find the vigilante, restore every last one of his misplaced souls to their original bodies in the universes he inadvertently created, and mend the fabric of spacetime back to its original state. Also the power of dance does something to help with it so that's why it's a party track.

Whatever it's an excuse to DANCE so JUST GET ULTRA


released August 5, 2015

Bucket loads of thanks to fellow musicians for supplying bonus demo tracks to this single release!




Nitro Nova

Subject: Circuitfry
Origins: Gliese 581g

Computer engineer, music producer, specializing in EDM and rock.

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